Studio 414 Moving Sale–Inventory Clearance

Rococo Endtable

This solid hardwood endtable is in pristine condition, with a real marble and ceramic tile top, refinished in secondhand pink and silver paint. Green colorwash and textured stenciling on the sides enhance its genuine vintage flair.

Regular price: $200
Sale price: $80

SW7C7041 SW7C7043

SW7C7047 SW7C7051


Gerbera Daisy Chair

This solid hardwood vintage chair is refinished with secondhand paint, vine charcoal, distress ink, a second-hand curtain, and a new soy-based foam seat cushion.

Regular Price: $90
Sale Price: $30

SW7C7053 SW7C7054







Neo-Victorian Endtable

This solid pine endtable is refinished with secondhand paint and decoupage made of art papers and old books, with a clear protective acrylic coating that’s easy to clean.

Regular Price: $85
Sale Price: $25

SW7C7061 SW7C7063



SW7C7068 (1) SW7C7064


Faerie Endtables

This pair of matching endtables can be purchased either singly or as a pair. Genuine vintage solid hardwood refinished with secondhand paint and old books.

Regular Price: $100 each or $175 for the pair
Sale Price: $40 each or $65 for the pair

SW7C7075 SW7C7078



SW7C7079 SW7C7080






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