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What the heck is “eco-chic?”

A quick browse online shows you that it’s sustainably sourced, organically grown, wildcrafted, symbiotically produced with respect toward indigenous ecosystems… and vastly more expensive than basically any comparable product that isn’t labeled “eco.” Meanwhile, everywhere you look, every year, beautiful things are being landfilled because nobody wants them–they’re worn, shabby, and worst of all, perfectly good but out of style. Can’t we do better than this?

Actually, we can. With an eye for style, a little creativity, some paint and beading and rebuilding and TLC, erde eco-art is making sustainability affordable, unique, and beautiful.

The erde eco-art project is about transforming pre-consumer and post-consumer waste materials—surplus, leftovers, unwanted things people would otherwise throw away, thrift store finds, dumpster-dived treasures—into beautiful neo-Victorian works of everyday art: furniture, housewares, jewelry, clothing. It’s about “affordable artisan”—you don’t have to pay Galleria prices for beautiful and unique enhancements to your everyday life.

But mostly, it’s about redefining the idea of “waste”–finding beauty and potential in materials as diverse as leftover cocktail napkins, bits of found wire, misshapen marbles, outdated calendars, and other finds, and giving them a new life as something that brings out the beauty of the world we all call home.


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