About Erde Eco-Art


erde eco-art provides the socially conscious home consumer with a high quality, budget-friendly, hand-made, one-of-a-kind product that is built to last.

By reusing and recycling products that would otherwise be landfilled—up to 90% of total material content—erde eco-art products are less resource intensive than any “green” product made with virgin materials.

erde eco-art was founded in 2012 in Oslo, Norway by mixed media artist Sarah Wash, whose work has been shown in over a dozen venues, including galleries and curated art shows. In 2013 she was commissioned for an illustration in the 2014 St. Paul Almanac, and in 2014, she was awarded an Irrigate Artist Grant to produce new work.

erde eco-art is based in Lowertown, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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